Long weekend? What long weekend?

Mamas get no weekends.

It’s fri-yay. The thing I’m most excited for…? Daddy will be home. For 3 whole days.

I love my kids but it’s damn exhausting being mama. All day every day… plus most nights at bedtime I’m on my own lately as well.

Not to mention I’m trying to get my fitness back in my schedule so I’m up at the crack of dawn before anyone else in the house.

Oh and I’m up late… working on my husbands business or my blog or trying to sneak in a glass of wine and a couple pages of a book.

I regress.

The long weekend is here.

I wish I could say we have some extraordinary plans for BC day long weekend, but we don’t. We have typical weekend plans of going to the dump (no garbage pick up in our little community unless you pay privately!), grocery shopping, yard work, and maybe toss in a few mini house Reno’s like finally installing the new hood fan for our range.

I sit here in the half hour of nap time peace & quiet drinking a coffee that is cold and sitting just in nose-reach of a poopy diaper sitting on the floor from the toddlers dirty butt an hour ago.

I’m too damn tired to get up and move it, and if I get up to put it in the garbage, I will then likely start the dishes or move the laundry…

And I don’t wanna.

So I’m gonna sit here and smell the poopy diaper. And when my girls get up, we’re going to play outside and have a picnic lunch because we don’t need a long weekend to make memories. We have every day, and as exhausting as it is, I want to use every day to make them as happy and fulfilled as any long weekend adventure would.

Why wait?

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