Back2School… wait, my kids haven’t even hit preschool yet. So we pick apples instead.

My Facebook news feed is FULL of “First Day of School” photos! And I love every single one of them. My friends seriously have the cutest kids; beside me of course.

But alas. My kids are not school age. They aren’t even preschool age. My littles are 2.5 and 9 months. The summer was incredibly busy for us. Not busy with the regular “summer break” things like beach days and vacations, but we sure did have our fair share of walks to the lake and splashing in the kiddy pool. And our busyness is not slowing down for September. Oh no.

Do you want to know why?

We have an apple tree.

We have a very abundant, excessive, over producing apple tree whose branches are breaking daily from the weight of these monstrous apples. I picked one the other day that was about the same size as K’s head. They are huge. Every day, about 100 apples fall. Then I have to pick them all up and compost them because as soon as they hit the ground, they split in half. Then we get deer. And bears. And squirrels.

And bees. And flies. And rotten applies.


So I’ve been busting my ass the last few weeks to keep on top of the apple situation.

I have canned 10 big jars of apple pie filling, 9 jars of apple butter, 6 jars of apple sauce, 2 big jars of apple cider, and 6 giant jars of apple juice.

And the apples keep falling. Since this morning I have put a wagon-load of bruised, broken, rotting apples in the compost, and picked 10 pounds of good apples.

Guys, I can’t eat pie and apple crumble every day (or can I?).

HELP. Please send me all your appley recipes!

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