Perfect days just don’t exist anymore

You know those days that you’re super excited about? Those days that, maybe aren’t anything super exciting, or maybe they are, but you’re just excited for what lies ahead?

That was today, for me. Well it was this morning, anyway.

We woke up and I made dessert for breakfast.

Remember, I have all those apples. So I made apple crumble and bacon for breakfast. Delicious albeit a little too sweet.

I took the dog for a nice long walk to the lake (a l o n e. Kidless… !!!!)

It was shaping up to be a good day. I was going to head out solo to gather a few supplies for some projects I was excited to tackle.

And of course spend another hour or so picking up apples from my front lawn and grabbing more out of the tree before the deers do.

So we started with the apples. I picked up all the fallen, bruised, broken apples and then raked all the leaves and filled a yard waste bag with everything. Then I asked the husband to help grab some apples from the higher branches and low and behold, he shook the tree so much that probably double the amount of apples fell out than I had previously picked up. UGH. This tree never quits.

I gave up and left them on the ground until tomorrow because the rain started picking up.

So, I headed out to grab a wooden wire spool that I had very high hopes for. After enduring endless traffic I made it to the next town and got ahold of the guy selling the spools. Excitedly, I followed him into the parking garage to pick one up.

Only to discover they are actually way smaller than I had anticipated. Damn it. I paid for it and took it anyway… I’m sure I will be able to use it for something.

On my way back into town, I stopped at the fabric store. Every time I hit this fabric store I feel a little out of place. This store clearly caters to a demographic that is everything I’m not. And the staff know that – based on the looks I get every time I walk inside.

I sucked it up and went inside, of course to find out that they don’t have any of the type of fabric I’m looking for, nor do they carry a pattern that’s going to work.

More wasted time.

I headed home feeling defeated, and when I arrived, I was greeted at the front door by the most amazing smell.

Ahhh, yes! My crockpot apple cider is ready!

I hurried to get it dished out before the girls woke from their naps but no luck. The second I lifted that lid, I hear “mama! Mama!” from upstairs. Little K is up.

Grabbed the tot from her crib, and continued with the cider. Finally, I had everything strained and ready to go.

It smelled incredible and looked perfect in my glass mug. I almost even put a cinnamon stick in it just for an Instagram post.

I took a long swig and was deeply disappointed.

The spices were great, but there was no apple flavour! What the heck! I followed the recipe to a tee but I guess this is another Pinterest fail. FFS.

This damn day. I can’t even say I’m surprised because days like this happen so often. I’m always full of hope and optimism early in the morning but as the day goes on, reality sinks back in, and nothing goes right.

Maybe one day the stars will align and I will have a productive day, but I guess it won’t be today.

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