Sundays are for creativity… and pajamas.


I usually hate Sundays because the looming week ahead always seems so ominous.

But I had a GOAL for today. Besides not getting dressed, my goal was to begin working on our new coffee table.

YESSSS! Back to building things, finally! Brinley is now 10 months old so getting a little bit of a “hobby” again is seeming more and more real.

I decided months ago that I wanted a new coffee table. It’s literally taken me all of those months to decide between: ordering on, trying to drag the littles around town and furniture shop, or build something myself.

There was a downside to each.

Wayfair – super easy to order online, but would the item be decent quality when it arrived? Will it be worth the hassle of ordering online and possibly returning if it turned out to be “not quite right?”

Actual shopping in person- well, we all know what it’s like to drag a toddler and infant around to multiple stores in one day on your own. Womp womp. Not fun, easy, or possibly even productive.

Build something myself- when the eff would I have time to do that?

Then the stars aligned and I had a brilliant idea. What about only building half a table myself?

I pitched the idea to my husband. He seemed on board. Next, I’d have to scout out the “finished” half of the table – the top.

Lo and behold I found exactly what I needed on Craigslist! It was also cheap and located not too far away. Hoorah. Things were working out in my favour.

I showed my husband my plans for the bottom half of the table. And amazingly, we already had the majority of the pieces sitting in the carport.

I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch, as this project is still in progress, but come on. This table is turning out to be exactly what I wanted. And it cost me about a whole whopping $50.

Fifty dollars. That’s it. Squeeeee! The first coat is now drying on the table top / half finished top. A bit of light sanding and another coat or two, and I’ll be bringing my brand-new coffee table inside to it’s new home.

Here’s a little sneak peek of what’s to come, but you’ll have to stay tuned later this week for it’s debut!


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