Canning my life away

My apple tree really got me on a preserve kick.

I’ve been all about canning different sauces, butters, and pie fillings the last few weeks, but last week, my husband brought home a flat of tomatoes he got for free from work.

A whole flat of delicious, red, ripe, firm Roma tomatoes. Okay, I don’t know if they were actually Roma tomatoes, but that’s what they looked like to me.


I gave a couple of small bags away because a flat is a lot of tomatoes. But I still had SO many left. What the hell can you do with so many tomatoes?

I decided to make tomato soup. I have never made tomato soup before, but I figured it would use up like, half my tomatoes.


It used like 8.

The soup turned out really really good (I’ll post the recipe up soon, promise!) but I still had lots of tomatoes to deal with!

Turns out, that recipe doubles really really easily. So I doubled it up and then canned two big litre jars for the rainy cold season ahead when I really wont want to make dinner!

That’s great and all, but I was still left with like… half a flat of tomatoes.

So I decided to can ’em. Dice ’em & can ’em! I mean, I buy countless giant cans of diced tomatoes from the store throughout the winter for soups and chilli and all sorts of things. Why not stock my pantry with home-canned fresh tomatoes?!

I found an easy to follow guide on Pinterest (obviously, because where else does anyone go for how-to’s?!) and it worked perfectly.

The result? Twelve (okay 11 and a half) beautiful pints of diced tomatoes. I will be able to make chilli anytime I want now because the one thing I never have is tomatoes!

I’m pumped. I feel like I’m fully stocked for the winter now. Although… what other veggies can I can for the winter?! I’m on a canning kick and I can’t stop.


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