DIY coffee table – under $50!

So remember a few posts ago when I shared a little teaser with ya?

Well here it is! My brand new not-so new coffee table!


That’s a wooden wire spool top I sanded down and clear coated, then I designed a base and grabbed some connector pieces from Home Depot and we actually had all the pipe sitting in the backyard. So basically, this coffee table cost me $50 and a day. It would have cost more if I had to buy the pipe and the spray paint, but lucky for me, we usually have some old supplies kicking around.

$35 for the spool, and like $12 + tax for the elbows and flanges. Woohoo!

I’m amazed at how seamless this DIY turned out – even with cranky kids who didn’t want to nap, and wanted to help instead.

I was hoping that since Brinley is now 10 months old, we’d be getting into a bit of a routine and perhaps this mama could get back to her passion – DIY all the things.

Unfortunately, we’ve hit some sort of a sleep regression and some incoming teeth and now NO ONE SLEEPS.

So I’m glad this table went quickly and easily. I hate when projects linger in my garage for weeks at a time, and by the sounds of that baby crying upstairs who is yet again refusing a nap, I won’t be DIY-ing anything else for quite some time.

Off to retrieve the babe, wish me luck.

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