quick knit toddler scarf

I wanted to make my sweet little toddler something special for this winter.

Last years’ knit cowl has grown a little small, and she needed something new, exciting and different. I saw many many posts on Pinterest for fabric cowls or knit keyhole scarves but I didn’t see anything I really loved.

So I made up exactly what I wanted. On my own, no Pinterest instructions! It turned out perfect. Exactly what I wanted.


Seriously. How cute are these giant pompoms. Not to mention my adorable little model. I wanted to make something that would:

1 – keep her warm

2 – be super fun for her to put on and play with, and

3 – be cute and functional.

Okay the giant pompoms might not seem functional at first, but once you tie the ends together, the pompoms are actually so big that they won’t let the scarf untie itself! Super functional. And can I just say one more time… it’s seriously the cutest thing.

Two giant poms on a toddler running around. C u t e.

I am the slowest knitter on Earth and still, this scarf knit up in like three evenings.

I used one skein of Lion Brands Wool-Ease Thick & Quick for the scarf. I threw 8 stitches onto a size 9mm needle and knit every row until I ran out of yarn.

Then, using a pink skein of the same stuff, I used about half a skein per pompom. So simple. No annoying leftover yarn, and a totally adorable knit scarf for my toddler.

Yay! I absolutely adore making my kids accessories and clothes. I am making a goal for next year to hand-make much more of their clothing.

The more time I spend making their clothes and accessories, the more I appreciate good quality garments for me and my little ones.

I’m excited to share soon the most adorable nightie / play dress I am currently sewing my  toddler for Christmas. Every little girl wants a nightie, right? It’s an adorable shade of deep blush pink and it’s buttery soft. I hope to be sharing some pictures of that after Christmas! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!


Rianna Lynn

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