January 3rd. Are your resolutions holding?

So it’s January 3rd and miraculously, I still have the determination and drive that I had on December 31st.

Yeah, yeah, it’s been a couple days, so what?

I am sticking to my guns this year. I’m using this new year as a fresh start; a clean slate.

You know what’s not clean though? My house.

I’m so focused on getting back to exercising, playing more with kids, and preparing nutritious meals so all the housework is taking the back burner. My house is a pig sty, but hey, we’re happy, and that’s what matters!

It’s an absolute down pour here today so I think we’re going to have a pyjama day filled with playing and making messes and perhaps even naps. I’m really hoping for the naps.

Last night while the littles were asleep, I started to work on a few t-shirt designs. I will be getting a few printed soon to have on hand but you can check out my first one here! 

Anyone else a busy yoga-loving entrepre-mama? These are for you! I can’t wait to wear this comfy sweater on my busy days!

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