Sprinkle “cupcake” hack… toddler approved!

Does anyone else’s toddler watch too much kids’ YouTube?

No? Just mine?

Okay. Well, if your kid is constantly asking for amazing looking delicious treats because of those irritating kids videos, I’ve got a quick hack for you to keep them from whining for 5 minutes!

Keegs has been suuuuper sick this past week. Runny nose, coughing up mucus, and she even puked this morning from the phlegm she swallowed.

Yup. It’s been a fun week over here in mom life.

Since she’s been so sick, our activities have been pretty limited as every time she starts moving she starts coughing. We’ve been having lots of screen time broken up by occasional car rides and walks to the lake.

So these YouTube videos that she has been watching has involved SOME type of treat every time. Oreos, cupcakes, cakes, everything. And they all look delicious; I don’t blame her for whining to me every time she sees them.

So when little Keegs asked me for cupcakes this morning, I had a great idea and 5 minutes.

Enter: marshmallow cupcakes with sprinkles.


One ramekin with sprinkles, one ramekin with icing sugar and milk, and a bag of marshmallows. BOOM. 5 minutes and done. If I had some popsicle sticks, I would throw them on a stick! Instant cake pop. #MOMWIN.

Yesssss okay I know I probably shouldn’t be feeding my sick toddler a ton of processed sugar.

So that’s why I also made some amazing healthy smoothie-pops in THESE AMAZING DINOSAUR POPSICLE MOLDS. Seriously. These things are so cool. I whipped up a smoothie in the blender this morning and threw these bad boys in the freezer. I can’t wait to take them out of the molds later to see how they hold up.

Now when Keegs whines because the kids on YouTube have ice creams, she can have a *healthy* Dino-pop instead.


Now I’m off to attack the house with Lysol wipes. Pray for me!

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