DIY coffee table – under $50!

So remember a few posts ago when I shared a little teaser with ya? Well here it is! My brand new not-so new coffee table! That's a wooden wire spool top I sanded down and clear coated, then I designed a base and grabbed some connector pieces from Home Depot and we actually had all… Continue reading DIY coffee table – under $50!

Perfect days just don’t exist anymore

You know those days that you're super excited about? Those days that, maybe aren't anything super exciting, or maybe they are, but you're just excited for what lies ahead? That was today, for me. Well it was this morning, anyway. We woke up and I made dessert for breakfast. Remember, I have all those apples.… Continue reading Perfect days just don’t exist anymore

Back2School… wait, my kids haven’t even hit preschool yet. So we pick apples instead.

My Facebook news feed is FULL of "First Day of School" photos! And I love every single one of them. My friends seriously have the cutest kids; beside me of course. But alas. My kids are not school age. They aren't even preschool age. My littles are 2.5 and 9 months. The summer was incredibly… Continue reading Back2School… wait, my kids haven’t even hit preschool yet. So we pick apples instead.

Why World Breastfeeding Week Sucks

It may be World Breastfeeding Week, but I’m not going to lie. I wish there was a dislike button for every post and picture I see. I have two little babes myself. The problem with raising awareness for breastfeeding is that it kills me to see the posts. It’s like a stab in my heart… Continue reading Why World Breastfeeding Week Sucks

Long weekend? What long weekend?

Mamas get no weekends. It’s fri-yay. The thing I’m most excited for...? Daddy will be home. For 3 whole days. I love my kids but it’s damn exhausting being mama. All day every day... plus most nights at bedtime I’m on my own lately as well. Not to mention I’m trying to get my fitness… Continue reading Long weekend? What long weekend?